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Post  GhoulScout on Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:42 pm

These boards are an online community, a place for members of the Omen Union and Friends and other MapleStory Players to interact, share information, trade and leave messages.
None Union members are welcome to use the forums.


* Please use your ingame names as your forum name when possible

* Make sure your In game name is somewhere on your profile

* Please put your active alt character names on your profile

* Add your guild to your profile

* Dont start fights

* Dont Bully other Members, this includes, name calling, cursing, and generally being rude to other members.

* Dont post here to tell us that you hate HellBound/ MapleStory or any other related things

* Dont Spam, please dont try to get your post count up, other wise, ill just reset it

* No drama llamas, any one causing drama will just get an IP ban and deleted posts

* Have Fun!

If you need any more information about the rules of this board, then contact either myself or a JrMaster.

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