Guidelines for applying to HellBound

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Guidelines for applying to HellBound

Post  Kriss/Departures on Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:44 pm

Hello hello, here is some tips on things to avoid and look for when you make an application.

The best way to impress is making this application like a job application, put some effort in it,
take it seriously. Many will make their first impression of you based on the application, so it is
essential to do a good job with it.

- Don't be that guy who asks for when the applications open, its written in blood red text right under "Applications For Hellbound" sub-forum name. (Though its not really a big problem at all)

- Check out the accepted applications and get some inspiration from those.

- Make your application personal, you don't need to give us your whole identity but you could share your intrests besides maplestory with us.

- Share your Maple history

- Humour is always good. But not in extent.

- Always check the forums and respond to questions. This will make you seem more intrested in joining.

- Getting to know us is probably the best way if you're not able to make a good application, though
I will recommend you to come ch3fm6 and have a chat with us about everything inbeteween heaven and earth ether way. This goes also for before we take in new applications, if you get to know us before and let us know how awesome you are, the better!

- We like to test people...

- Try to have fun while making it, it will be faster and better if you do.

- We like the application to look interesting, so dont post a huge wall of text! Make it look good!

Hopefully, this will help you leave a better impression and I can guarantee you a greater chance of getting accepted. Even though you don't have to follow everything I have written down, its just some extra help.

Good luck and have a nice day! See you in the app section!

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Re: Guidelines for applying to HellBound

Post  Stephy on Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:11 pm

Lately for some people it's hard to make a decent app,
so here are some extra tips next to the one kriss already said, to put into your application

For some it's easier to make titles, examples:

*About myself  
tell us a little bit about yourself, whats your name, what do u like, where do u live, blabla..

*Maple history
Tell us something about your maplehistory, anything u like to tell us

*Guild history
which guilds did u joined, why did u left? etc

*All your maple chars
list all your maple chars in here please

*What is your view on dupers/hackers?
tell us what u think of this

*Why i wanna join hellbound? 
tell us why we need u here, do u know someone, ... etc

or anything else u like to tell us..


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