Acis - Union Rules

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Acis - Union Rules

Post  GhoulScout on Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:33 pm

Union Rules

Basic Rules - Basic guild rules still apply for the union, no spamming, racism, being a dick etc. See guild rules here -

Respect - Respect all members of the union. If a member or a Jr asks you to stop spamming or doing something annoying, then stop doing it.

Union Chat - Please talk in English only in the union chat, No spamming or offending people. Also anything that is guild appropriate, please keep it in guild chat as to not spam the union.

Jr Masters - You will hold no power in Absolution (and likewise for us) if a guild members of theirs is doing something wrong please inform a Jr in absolution to deal with it. However if it is affecting the union you may step in if no Junior is around (for example spamming/ racism etc)

Guild hopping - No guild hopping in the union, if you leave a guild in the union then you leave the union. Guild hopping causes drama and bad feeling between the unions, any application from members of the unioned guild will be denied and closed.


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