Joining HellBound (Information for old & new members)

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Joining HellBound (Information for old & new members)

Post  GhoulScout on Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:24 pm

HellBound is open to Old members and friends of the guild.

HellBound had a long run as a top guild in Europe MapleStory, but now we are a small guild of old members and mules. All old members & friends are welcome to re-join on mules for nostalgia and chats.

Many old members are still active (and in various active guilds) and have their alts and mules in HellBound.

I wont add any ingame names that I don't recognise, so if you have made a new character just let me know your ingame name, you can just send me a PM on the forums or catch me ingame on: Ghuleh, Ghouleh, Ghouly or GhoulScout.

Guild invites don't work, so you will have to apply ingame, you can do this by:
Press G > Search > Hellbound > Request to join
I will add you when I next log on to GhoulScout (I think only 3 people can apply at a time)


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